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There are different advantages to using MBTI in a team context. Most teams will benefit from it to use it as a way to develop highly effective teams. 

Increasing our understanding of why we and our peers behave in certain ways helps teams be more effective.   


Leaders and managers become better equipped to maximize the talent in the team.

On an organization level, MBTI can be introduced to support many functions and situations including:

  • Managing others

  • Coaching

  • Conflict resolution and avoidance

  • Leadership skills

  • Change management

On an individual level, understanding your own preferences enables you to approach your own work in a way that best suits you and brings you energy. MBTI can help gain insights into:

  • Time management

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Stress management

MBTI also offers additional relevant insights, such as understanding participation levels in meetings, selling techniques, conflict avoidance and competitiveness.

About Mbti
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