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icebreaker game

We use the unique game "The Trip"  as a kickoff to our MBTI immersion day workshops,


Every team (4-6 people) starts with a travel case filled with assignments and hidden information.


In an exciting hour, the team members will have to work together and will gradually discover more and more useful information. Together they unravel the secrets of the suitcase and come closer to the solution. Who is handy and accurate? Who sees connections and keeps an overview? Who can't wait to jump into the game, who waits for instructions?


Gradually the team discovers more and more about the trip to be planned. Not all information will readily be available. The team will have to look for tips and information. Collaboration and especially good communication skills will lead to the right solution. The MBTI dimensions and personal preferences will emerge during the game.

  • 60 minutes

  • At a location of your choice

  • Suitable for groups of 6-20 people


"Everyone was very enthusiastic and had a nice day."


"We had a great day, everyone is very satisfied!"


"Just as exciting as an escape game!"


+32 470 75 88 35

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