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debunking some myths about MBTI

Understanding sources of energy is key to understanding the principles behind MBTI and debunking some popular myths about the tool and how to use it.

MYTH: MBTI is about behavior


Contrary to other personality tools, MBTI is not necessarily about "how do you act" (your behavior) , but rather about "what gives you energy" (your preferences). 


Realistically, not all humans act in a way that gives them energy 24/7. Circumstances at work or at home will require at certain times energy-draining behavior from each of us. And this is normal, and this is also the reason why it is sometimes challenging or tricky to identify MBTI preferences.

MYTH: MBTI is wrong, because I am 'in the middle', I do both.

When hesitating between the two dimensions, during the questionnaire or in a workshop, participants often reflect :"I do both", "sometimes I do this but under different circumstances, I might do that".  Again, this is normal. Every person acts both ways, shows behavior coming from both dimensions, depending on the circumstances and the interactions with others. The real question is: "which behavior brings you energy?". 

What MBTI brings us, is an understanding of  energy-bringers or energy-drainers, so that we can organise our life accordingly, anticipating energy-draining factors and actively searching opportunities to bring us energy.


Most importantly, it brings us the insight that what gives me energy might be a cause of stress (an energy-drainer) for some one else and vice versa.

These kind of insights are valuable outputs from an MBTI team session.

MYTH: MBTI is a quick test you do online

This is one of the reasons why an in-person workshop should follow and complement filling in the official MBTI questionnaire. In a workshop we can dig deeper and understand which behavior actually brings or drains energy. Using exercises and anecdotes, the participants will get a sense of their individual preferences.

MYTH: MBTI is a personality test

In the end, MBTI should be a self-assessment. The individual (yes, you!) and not the trainer or the questionnaire on its own, will define his or her own MBTI type, based on these insights. The questionnaire and the workshop are tools to help you get there.

So don't call MBTI a "personality test". It is much more than that, it is not a test that gives you a straight answer, but a tool which, combined with a session from a certified trainer, will give  you insight in how to get more energy from life, both professionally and privately.

Interested to learn more or experience it with your team during one of our workshops? Contact us today for a customized offer.

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