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MBTI workshops

Discover what gives you and your teammates energy or stress.


Our interactive MBTI team workshops are filled with exercises, real examples and tips for life at work make the MBTI types come to life.

Choose between a full day, a half day or a kick-off session, depending on the needs of your team.

Workshops can be held in-person or remotely.

We give trainings in English and in Dutch.

MBTI team training
MBTI kick off


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop: thank you! The mix of exercises and theory was perfectly balanced – the day went by so quickly!

I learned an enormous amount – not only about me and what gives me energy but, most importantly, about my colleagues and how best to communicate with them. I shall remember your workshop for a good long time – and the lessons I learned at it!"


"Merci voor een zeer fijne en interessante training. Niets dan positieve feedback ontvangen van mijn teams. Goed gegeven, vertrouwen geschonken, iedereen heeft zichzelf laten zien. Ook zij die er 'geen zin in hadden' of 'toch niks gingen zeggen' En dit dankzij de natuurlijke manier van training geven."


" That was a really amazing experience! Time flew by and even though I have taken the test and done some of my own research, I really learned much more today because of the way you presented the info and the exercises.  Thanks so much!!"

  • Video Conference

    Virtual Training

    from €157 pp

    3h remote MBTI session for groups up to 10p, using virtual whiteboarding and interactive tools.

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  • MBTI TEAM TRAINING_edited.jpg

    Team immersion day

    €231 pp

    Full day MBTI workshop including an interactive team game as a kickoff.

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  • MBTI workshop training.JPG

    MBTI 1/2 day session

    € 181 pp

    Half day workshop (4h; morning, afternoon or evening) to discover and experience the MBTI types in your team.

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  • MBTI team workshop

    MBTI kick-off session

    € 137 pp

    This short 2.5h session focuses on the MBTI dimensions and the personal profiles of the team members, without digging deeper into the implications on team work and communication.

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  • individual MBTI session.jpg

    Individual session

    € 150 pp

    On an individual level, understanding your own preferences enables you to approach your own work and life in general in a way that best suits you and brings you energy.

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Our workshops go deeper and further than traditional MBTI® introduction trainings. Our aim is to make MBTI® as actionable as possible.


Our hands-on business experience enables us to put Myers-Briggs type learnings into perspective and provide you with actionable and practical insights.

 We do this in two ways:

  1. By using experiential learning techniques, interactive exercises and assignments, team members will truly experience and "feel" the different dimensions instead of us just talking about them. 

  2. After discovering our own profile, we pay a lot of attention to the "So What?" and the implications on the team, with actionable tips and exercises

MBTI workshop training.JPG
Video Conference


In person or remotely, your choice!

Remote workshops are held using tools like zoom and online whiteboarding to make the session as interactive as possible.


If you choose for an in-person training, our trainer will join you wherever you are, at a location of your choice.

The workshop can take place in your own meeting room, at your seminar or at a venue we find together.

All we need is a decent size room with lots of natural light, a flipchart and a projector.​

We are based in Antwerp, but travel all over Europe to offer you these workshops.

The workshop can be held in English or in Dutch.



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“Thanks a lot, this was a very interesting workshop & it helped us connect with each other in a different way. ”